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One of the most popular requests is for information on Business Grants! "Are there any grants for my Small Business?" Well... the answer is "maybe!"

Terminology varies in that some programs are called grants, some are called contributions, some refer to subsidies, etc. The most important thing to know is that "grant" programs do exist, HOWEVER, they usually have very specific criteria, and are targeted to a very specific client. Therefore, you have to determine if the program is appropriate for your business. Since this terminology varies, we have compiled a list of programs using the keywords such as grant, contribution, subsidy, incentive, shared-cost, rebate, award, contest etc.

If you find what you are looking for, congratulations! If you haven't, try some of the government supported financing programs. You may have a better chance finding something for your business. These financing programs also have specific criteria that some business can qualify for, while others may not.

It has been said that what is more important than money, is good information. Check out our Website and find out why we are the best source for small business information in Alberta!

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